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Animated Child is an inclusive and innovative enrichment center, for children ages 2-13, which encourages a child's natural curiosity, independence and creativity. We engage children in every element of intelligence to highlight their own unique way of learning. By exploring in what ways a child is smart versus how smart they are, children are empowered to recognize ability within themselves.


19 Oct, 2019

Bebé y Mamá 8 Week Course

Begins on 12 Oct, 10:00 am to 07 Dec, 11:00 am
Mamis and bebes, ages newborn to 18 months with their caregiver or parent, learn Spanish together! Songs, finger play, art, and book reading all in an engaging and clean environment. Come socialize and learn alongside your baby! Inclusion of all families is always practiced at Animated Child!

19 Oct, 2019

Introduction To Game Design 8 Week Course

Begins on 12 Oct, 10:00 am to 14 Dec, 10:45 am
(White Belt Class) Think Like a Computer Code Like A Robot. Start off by learning the fundamentals of coding. Complete three projects and wow parents and friends at our class capstone day. Students learn using Animated Child step-by-step curriculum developed to include all children! Learn and demonstrate the required skills and move into the yellow belt classes.

19 Oct, 2019

Game Design Lab 8 Week Course

Begins on 12 Oct, 11:00 am to 07 Dec, 11:45 am
(Yellow and Green Belt Course) This course will expand upon the concepts of game design introduced in the white belt course by letting students engage with intense combat mechanics, in-game time limits, multiple power-ups that affect the player in different ways, changing the states of given objects or characters in the game, and learning how to make objects and enemies "spawn" (appear) in their games like magic!

House Rules

* Schedule and prices are subject to change.

Admission is $9

  • Open Exploration allows 1 paying child to admit 1 adult. Individual adults must pay admission.


  • Siblings of the enrolled child should not be brought to into the classroom unless enrolled. Ask about our sibling discount!


  • All Adults and Children must wear socks while on the open exploration mats - no shoes are allowed. Socks are sold for $2 per pair.

Arm's Reach

  • Stay within an arm's reach of your young child at all times. Only children registered for a supervised drop-in will be cared for by our staff.

Food And Refreshments

  • Food and drink are not allowed on the mats.*
  • *food/refreshment is available to buy & consume in the lobby


  • Please bring only healthy children to Animated Child.*
  • *Severe headcolds and chronic coughs will not be admitted

Nut Free Zone

  • NO NUTS** or nut products are allowed in the building.
  • *including nutty people ;)
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