Each membership costs:
$65 per month
$45 per month for additional siblings

(Each membership requires a minimum of 12 members.)

Minecraft Gamification

Grades: 1-3, 4-6

  • Animated Child STEAM curriculum
  • Coordinates and blueprint work to build creative treasure maps
  • Power towns with red stone electricity
  • Teamwork, Collaboration & Problem Solving

Spanish Saturdays

Grades: varied (check calendar)

  • Use puppets, drama, art and music to learn
  • Grade based developmentally appropriate groups
  • Learning objectives align with child's development
  • Cultural Awareness, Geography & Global Perspective

Handwriting Without Tears

Grades: Preschool - 6

  • Multi-sensory engaging handwriting curriculum
  • For typically developing children and delayed writers
  • Designed by O.T. implemented by creative teachers
  • Incorporates large and fine motor skills

Keyboarding Without Tears

Grades: K-6

  • Engaging age appropriate multi-sensory curriculum
  • Builds fluency, speed, computer readiness and digital citizenship
  • Confidence & Acceleration on Standardized Tests

C.A.D. Bridge Design

Grades: 4-6

  • Creative computer aided design
  • Fun civil and mechanical engineering projects
  • Learn basic engineering concepts and terms
  • Architecture, Design & Hands-On Learning

Kodu Game Design

Grades: 3-6

  • Create games using simple visual programming language
  • Increase language and literacy with creative storyboarding
  • Build Game, Play Game & Share Game

All Memberships Include Lego Club

  • Math & Science fun
  • Patterns, symmetry, mass, weight and binary code names


President Obama Gets a Demonstration of Kodu!

Kodu Cup winner Hannah W. demos the game she made using Kodu at the White House Science Fair.

Minecraft: Education Edition

Hear what educators are saying about using Minecraft to transform classroom learning.

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