Each Game Design class costs:
$120 per semester per student
Each class requires a minimum of 6 students

Tuesday Morning Tech

Ages: 7 and up

  • Compact game design before school
  • Diverse in skill level and creative proficiency
  • Collab with partners and debut your skills

Intro To Game Design

Ages: 7 and up

    • Learn picture based coding like a new language
    • Garner basic computer and keyboarding skills
    • Master the basics of game design and princles of coding

Game Design Lab

Prerequisite: completion of Intro to Game Design

  • Create multi-faceted games with multiple levels, pages, players, and more
  • Learn new gaming terminology like "debug," "collision," and "A.I."
  • Face all new challengies

All Memberships Include Lego Club

  • Math & Science fun
  • Patterns, symmetry, mass, weight and binary code names
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