Who We Are

Animated Child is an enrichment center that exists to engage, enrich and empower children ages 2-13 with hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.


All learners must be engaged before new materials or content is presented. Animated Child uses common interest areas to gain learner’s attention and focus. We use favorite subjects like gaming design, Lego, Minecraft, music and art to engage learners.


AAll content and materials used with curriculums are sensory-rich, relevant and significant. Teachers enrich learner’s lives with lessons that are relatable to them in their current and future environments.


Animated Child has mixed-age / mixed abilitIES in each classroom. This allows for learners to model content that they have mastered to younger learners. Empowering students through mastery and reinforcement is what makes Animated Child a leader in pedagogical practice.


Animated Child is best known for our innovative curriculums. We combine hands-on experiences with technology to create original and memorable learning outcomes. We encourage students to be:

  • Creative problem solvers
  • Producers
  • Visionary innovators
  • Leaders
  • Deep thinkers who create
  • Compassionate
  • Non-conformist that ask questions
  • Inquisitive


Ms. Alexy Director

Ms. Alexy is living her dream as owner of Animated Child Inc. and director Animated Child Montclair. She divides her time between Animated Child Montclair and development of Animated Child Inc. franchise operation, advocacy and consulting services. She earned a Bachelor of Science Specialist Special Education, Graduate Degree in Special Education focus on behavior and cognition and has graduate level endorsements in autism spectrum disorders. She enjoys statistics and special education law. Her favorite part of the day is interacting with young children.

Mr. Nathan Associate Director of I.T. and Administration

Mr. Nathan is co-owner of Animated Child Inc. helps create and implement all technology classes and curriculums. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Graduate Degree in I.T. Management Software Engineering. He divides his time between Animated Child Inc. and his full-time work at the United States Coast Guard. He enjoys building systems and solving mechanical as well as structural problems and working with young children.

Ms. Gina Facilities Coordinator and Resident Artist 

Ms. Gina is a true Renaissance woman. She has a deep love and understanding for all genres of music (except present day pop). She has studied various art styles and apprenticed under several well-known artists. She has an amazing kinship with animals and children adore her. She created a toy company and copyrighted her first adult coloring book in 1998. Ms. Gina wants to influence the next generation through art and creative thought process. She loves opera, musicals, tools, classic novels, and good food. No one is a bigger Caps fan. Ms Gina is our Reggio expert and loves to teach others about this teaching technique.

Ms. Tori Preschool Program Lead

Ms. Tori is an early childhood education lead teacher and student. She is currently attending college and enjoys balancing out the challenges of her classes with her experiences at Animated Child Montclair. She loves pop culture, comics, Anime and K-pop. She loves reliving her childhood with her class.

Fall 2018

Most Excited About: "Working with the children and exposing them to new experiences like new foods with our cooking projects or songs that I sung as a preschooler"

Most Proud Of: "The relationships I have build with the children and their families, helping the center achieve NACYE accreditation"

Ms. Melissa School Age Program Trainer

Ms. Melissa is our school age program trainer. She joined us two years ago as a student and has so thoroughly accepted and advocated for Animated Child’s mission and vision that she has become a trainer for new staff joining our enrichment programs. Ms. Melissa is a senior at at university and hopes to incorporate the work ethic she learned at Animated Child Montclair into her career path as a physical therapist. She loves organizing and labeling materials as well as holding everyone to Animated Child’s philosophy of “engage, enrich and empower” which makes her a great quality assurance asset.

Ms. Brittany Technology Lead

Ms. Brittany graduated from George Mason's art and visual technology program. Now, she puts her skills to use in the classroom and on maintaining our website.

Fall 2018

Most Excited About: "Having the opportunity to apply my technical skills and artistic sensibility when I've had few opportunities to do so elsewhere"

Most Proud Of: "Having an impact on our technology curriculum"

Ms. Jahara Preschool Assistant

Ms. Jahayra comes to Animated Child as a teacher’s assistant. Under Ms Tori’s tutelage she hopes to become a lead teacher by the new year. She has plans to complete a two-year degree in early childhood development and become a NAEYC accredited lead teacher.

Fall 2018

Most Excited About: "Learning new teaching methods, getting to know our children, and (of course) having fun"

Most Proud Of: "The relationships I have made and the teacher I'm becoming in life"

Ms. Cecil Spanish Teacher

Ms. Cecil joins Animated Child as a teacher’s assistant this fall. She has nine years of experience working with very young children and is being trained to teach Spanish using Montessori nomenclature cards and environmental displays.

Fall 2018

Most Excited About: "When we go outside to the park to see everyone always having a good time whenever engaged in staying active"

Most Proud Of: "How we're such a good place for children and have high standards for their well being and education"

Ms. Naidelyn School Age Lead

Ms. Naidelyn is a hard working, determined, and self-empowered person who aspires to always deliver quality service and constantly improve all while balancing her education with her career.

Fall 2018

Most Excited About: "The different educational theories I’ve been introduced to and how creative Animated Child is with all the children, from the littlest to the oldest."

Most Proud Of: "My position because I was able to learn what I needed to for my position. The relationships that I have formed with the children."

Charlie Chief Mascot, Center Morale, Beloved Fuzzy Friend

When Charlie made her new home at Animated Child years ago, she captivated the hearts and curious nature of all the children around her. She has taught patience, care, and the importance of a gentle hand when being held and fed by all the students. In the words of all the kids she has made an impact on, "she's fat and old and we love her."

Fall 2018

Most Excited About: "Meeting and greeting new and old faces at Animated Child every day"

Most Proud Of: "Being a bigger machine than all the other center pets"

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