Before and After School Registration

Science experiments, Technological games, Engineering marshmallow structures, Arts and crafts and Math the minecraft way! No other after school program can boast a weekly field trip, nature walks, homework help and children that beg to stay to the very end every night! Our small groups (8:1) love Transformers chess, mouse trap, lemonade stands and so many other awesome activities that Animated Child provides. Only our teachers can deliver so much in such a calm manner making us a stress-free option for your kiddo!

Animated Child provides transportation for children enrolled at Ashland, Pattie, Henderson and Kyle Wilson Elementary Schools.

Operation Hours:
Monday through Friday. 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Tuition Rates and Registration:
Before Only $92.25/week ( x 2 = $184.50 )
After Only $92.25/week ( x 2 = $184.50 )
Before and After $172.20/week ( x 2 = $344.40 )

Deposit: First 2 weeks

Students Must Be Dropped Off With Paperwork
- A Copy of the Camper's Birth Certification
- A Copy of the Camper's Immunization Form
- School Entrance Health Form
- Child Registration Form
- All forms are online for digital signature CLICK HERE

In the option section below, select your child's starting week, school and complete check out to start the reservation process. We will reach out to provide the enrollment forms and confirm your starting date.

Note: Please disregard the times listed on the starting days these may vary based on actual school start/end bell times.

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  • $ 184.50

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