Tuesday Morning Tech

Learn game design with ease! Kodu operates on a picture-based user interface to piece together lines of coding like a sentence for kids to bring their ideas to life!

We teach a different lab or exercise in each class to ensure your child continues to grow. Our classes are designed to facilitate learning how to code, how to learn with others, how to share new ideas with peers and expand on each other's findings. Our classes are not cookie cutter from the book. Each class can have a different outcome that further facilitates the learning process.

Kodu® is a visual programming language suitable to teach kids the basic of programming and to train their creativity. The world of Kodu® consist of programmable objects where we can attach a behavioral script into each object that we place on the Kodu® landscape. This programming language is a simple icon based programming user interface where the language are broken down into pages and rules.

Kodu® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
You drop off and we provide morning transportation to your child's school after the class.

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