Spring Camp Bundle

"Spring" into the new season With Animated child!
Animated Child camps are enriching, engaging and empowering!
S.T.E.A.M. based camps with a multiple intelligence curriculum means we take a "whole child" approach. Screen learning times are balanced out with daily outdoor activities and weekly "Nature Smarts" field trips. Our participants will enjoy group experiments and have the time and space to maintain a personal journal of their weeks' activities.

All camps are available for half day and full day. Schedule includes daily field trips, literacy and S.T.E.A.M. hour, group and individual activities. A well-rounded curriculum helps children become adaptable, resourceful and multifaceted. Low numbers keep our campers safe, sane and smart!

Campers will learn the important fundamentals of project planning, roles of objects in an object-oriented game, character motion and programming actions, path generation and creative group collaboration. Our participants will have fun, collaborate, socialize, and best of all share their creations at home! Returning campers will delve deeper into each learning objective making more complex games.

A snack will be served during this camp.

Ages: 7-12

  • $ 300.00

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