Game Design Lab

Yellow Belt Course

This Kodu course will expand upon the concepts of game design introduced in the white belt course by letting students engage with intense combat mechanics, in-game time limits, multiple power-ups that affect the player in different ways, changing the states of given objects or characters in the game, and learning how to make objects and enemies "spawn" (appear) in their games like magic!

Together, we'll be exploring more possibilities to create challenge and variety in their worlds and then consider how each individual mechanic meshes together to form a full fledged game. This course is all about problem solving and careful design in games covered in such topics including.

- Using "debug" features to find kinks in game design.
- Using score systems for implementing time limits and limitations in game play. (ex: a score that goes down until you get a "Game Over" unless you collect objects to increase your limit)
- Programming creatable objects that pop into the world when certain conditions are met.
- Adjusting object settings like speed, health limit, visibility, and projectile strength.
- Using paths to create enemy patterns OR set movement limitations.

Here is where we'll be asking students to consider every design choice so no piece of coding or portion of their world goes under-utilized.

By the end of this 8 weeks students will be able to modify game settings to change gameplay, use debug functions to trouble shoot design choices, add more interesting and fun features to gameplay like timers to challenge gamers to finish quickly, enemies that can be taken down in more than one way, and more!

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