About Us


 Our founders are parents that identified a need in their young child that was not being met; the environment and teaching standards they sought    did not exist.  That need sparked a curiosity that led to a passion for reframing how early childhood education facilities treat & educate children.  


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for children. By advocating for best practice policies in the treatment and education of young children and their families, we aim to be recognized as trusted leaders in childhood education.  Through consistently cultivating a culture of child-first environments and supporting community based movements centered around young children and their families,  Animated Child Inc. plans on making child-led instruction, diverse, and inclusive programs the standard across all communities.

Vision 2022

By 2022 through excellence and consistent innovations in teaching, community service and evidence based initiatives Animated Child will be recognized as a premier private sector enrichment center for the advancement of educational programs, family science and the development of successful inclusion leadership.  Recognized as innovators in our leadership approach, university students will continue to come to Animated Child Inc. for guidance in child-led instruction as well as inclusion and diversity success. We envision our teaching students becoming committed advocates in each of their respective fields.


Child Safety

The physical and emotional safety of each child is our number one concern.  ​Creating a safe space for children ages 2-12 has been our proudest achievement. Including staff, family and community support into our company ethical structure continues to lead us in the right direction as we grow in our physical space and as a trusted brand in our area of expertise.

​Our Staff

Staff are trained well beyond the DSS mandated hours and receive university level trainings in specific areas of development, behavior, inclusion, classroom organization and relationship building.

Our staff have the following leadership goals that align with Animated Child Inc practices. 


  1. Gain community trust and respect through consistent presence in children’s movements, events and celebrations. 

  2. Demonstrate knowledge in the following pedagogical theories: Montessori, Reggio & Multiple Intelligence.

  3. Advocate for best practice policies in society’s  treatment, education and view of children by leading through example.