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Our hands-on exploration area allows children to get creative with their learning! Based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory the exhibit area gives children ages 2-12 an opportunity to discover what intelligence or “Smarts” they are. Come find out your child’s natural interest. Animated Child believes talent and skills should never go unused!

Open Explorations are $9 ($7 for members) 

Open Exploration Scheduled Times: (Monday-Friday)


Open Exploration Scheduled Times:(Saturday)


Our setting gets creative juices flowing in multiple areas of intelligence by stimulating curiosity, inquisitiveness and problem solving. Animated Child wants children to believe in their abilities and learn to trust their inherent motivation to question how and why the world works as it does. Animated Child recognizes the importance of a second language and believes it to be crucial in order to gain an understanding of a global perspective.

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We remove shoes in Open Exploration, please bring socks for your visit.

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Our All Day Program provides for a strong "nature smarts" connection. We take daily field trips to Forest Park and other destinations that reinforce a connection with nature. Animated Child™ believes that all children should have to care for living things in order to better understand themselves and others. Intrinsic motivation, curiosity and problem solving skills are a large part of our naturalistic curriculum.

This program is limited to number of students, please call for availability (703) 763-0003.

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